Most awesome. Beam. Spot. Wash.

3-5 times less than the market price.

ARENA BlackHawk 280W

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New posibilities of OSRAM Sirius HRI lamp with the revolutionary technology of BlackHawk 280W

1° - 45°

High-brightness contrast beam
More power - more opportunities.

We have taken our experience and created a unit on the basis of a powerful OSRAM Sirius HRI 280W lamp issuing the brightest light beam due to high-aperture optics.
Zoom lens with a multi-layered light-correction coating has low chromatic aberration.

95 000 LUX @ 20m.

14 static gobos.
Bold styles
of parallel beam.

ARENA BlackHawk Gobo

9 rotating gobos.
Amazing mold of
Spot mode

ARENA BlackHawk Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo
ARENA BlackHawk Color Gobo

Color wheel with
13 dichroic filters + white

Linear 6-sided and rounded 8-sided rotating prism

To create unusual light show. Check out all the lighting effects here  

ARENA BlackHawk Prism

Attention in every single detail

ARENA BlackHawk 280 was created as the device for rental companies,
which require high reliability and especial attention to details.

Heavy-duty plastic, Pan/Tilt-locks with protective caps,
no gaps at the joints, and a sturdy build quality, all this created a benchmark
for high standards and quality.

ARENA BlackHawk Sheeme
ARENA BlackHawk

affordable price

$1,190 per Unit.

Our suppliers of components are direct manufacturers, which are in close accessibility. Thus possible the lowest purchase price and transfer. We have affordable prices for buyers of our products High quality, reasonable price.

Easy and safe way of purchase

ARENA BlackHawk

Buy devices is now possible with any card Visa / Mastercard through the most convenient and secure payment system PayPal.

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Delivery by partner services with 50% discount

We do regulary worldwide delivery, that's why we have 50% discount from ours partner services.
Our factory is located in China, where we carry out sending devices into all corners of the planet.

Due to this arrangement, and optimized logistics we create cost devices up to 5 times lower than existing analogues.

ARENA BlackHawk Shipment

   Air delivery 3-5 days =   


ARENA BlackHawk Shipment

 Delivery by sea or train, 30-45 days = 


Shipping cost is for 1 unit and calculated based on the volume weight of the device in a cardboard box (27kg). Shipping cost with partner discount is $ 8 per kg for air delivery and $ 4 per kilogram for delivery by sea or by train.

We also help with the customs clearance to reduce the cost of customs duty of more than 3 times.

Production of your order starts immediately upon receipt of payment and after 7-15 days after the payment your order will be available for shipment.

ARENA BlackHawk

about ARENA Lightning - price killer

We started in 2014 with a great idea: to create a high-quality equipment at an affordable price. Nowadays Big Guys put unreasonably high price tag and we decided to fix it.

We placed our production in China, thereby to reduce production costs to a level that allows us to create the best prices while maintaining the highest international standards.

The world's leading manufacturers and their components production are placed here – and that’s where we buy them at the best prices directly from factories, demanding highest quality standards.

We also practice further severe checking quality control of every detail, which none of any other Chinese factory does. Our team consists of only high-quality European experts and created devices are characterized by high reliability.

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